The universe is within us & we are within it…

Life is a wonderful thing many take for granted. We our self are made of 100,000 tiny little atoms that are found in every living human on the planet, plants and Pluto as well the whole universe. The universe is within us, we are within it. What you decide to do within it is completely up to you.

Life is about helping people, experiencing new things. Being creative, following the scary paths and finding beauty and kindness in people and places. Enjoying sunsets, feeling the freedom fracture your bones. The world we live in may not be free in terms of the governments degree, but you can be as fluid as you want to be within it.

Open your eyes and realise, time is just set in place to waste your life, 8 hours in a day, 40 in a week, 2,080 in a year, & based on a typical working lifespan in an office role, 39 years from when you start work till you tire. That’s 81,120 of your life, you won’t get back. Every minute is important; to have a lifestyle you are truly happy with, looking after your soul and your mind. Cleansing your body with nutritious food & doing what makes you shine. So go with your gut instinct and your heart, take the path your most scared of so you never regret all the things you didn’t do.

If you want to work in a job you hate for the rest of your life, then do but at your own risk. If you want to stay working every day of the week apart from Saturday & Sunday’s in a job you tolerate to pay your bills, in a job that makes you stressed and depressed or drains the life out of you and be trapped into a certain way of living, do that but going to the same places each weekend, seeing the same people, Drowning yourself in alcohol. Wasting money on doing the same old things & making the same old mistakes over and over again, then do it but I wouldn’t recommend.

Do the things you’re most scared of in life, no direction is the wrong way. There is good & bad wherever you are in the world. Explore the possibilities that your eyes could be open to a whole new culture and lifestyle that you crave and digest. See the waves, the wind and waterfalls as well as the animals and nature in all it’s glory, not just on Planet Earth or Blue Planet but first hand in the flesh.

Always remember you have strengths, even if you don’t see them, nourish your mind with positive thinking, look at the stars & the moon and be kind to people in your soul not just in person, be who you are, respect and protect earth, nature and animals. Stand up for your rights & beliefs in a calm and diplomatic way. Most importantly don’t be to hard on yourself. Don’t be wasteful. Appreciate what you have. Love thy self, love thy neighbor.


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