Some people’s visions get clouded, clouded by relationships, clouded by their heart & brain and mostly society bullshit and gossip of what’s supposedly important around them.

Life is full of visions, from your child’s birth too watching your mother and father growing old, beautiful sunsets, sea and storms. All of these visions shape you into who are, you learn from what you see and adapt and evolve indefinitely.

How you react to it is another matter – What happens in life is something you can’t change, your path is there for you and only you can stir it in the direction that your heart & head tells you to go in. It’s hard to pick the right one as there isn’t one. Being hard on your self will only bring pain, no gain and a lot of restrain.

Learn to internally clear your mind of the bullshit and follow your own path with no regrets or wishing you had done something else, don’t let people’s ways and decisions inflict your journey. What has happened is done, learn from your family – friends and acquaintances & the mistakes you make, it’ll create YOU a future that’s not the same as your examples.

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