Series: Black & white studio photography


I took these a few years ago, I wanted to portray all of my beautiful friends personalities in a series of Black and White images. Black and white images have always been something I am a fan of, I think in a way it adds texture and details to photography, as it shows all of the shadows and outlines of their faces against the dark background. Movement and life in photography as always been my favourite to create. Street photography is what I tend to create most commonly, but I wanted to try and bring that life to the studio.

In some images the background is not as blacked out as id like as the lighting wasn’t right and it was a very sunny morning but overall I like the impression I get from all of these pictures and I think I have captured what I wanted to in terms of their Personalities and moods in the photos.


All Photographs taken using a Nikon D300 – Buy here.

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