Moon & The moon-child

Dedication to you and all you both do. You’re both like sunshine to me, I am happiest when with you doing nothing or doing everything. I love our smokes, our jokes and ghost scares when provoked, Trips to pubs, chats and hugs.

Lauren my lovely, your skin glows with innocents and purity. No one would guess the feisty feelings flowing within your glory. Forever a friend, even if I drive you round the bend. You are my savior, soul sister & I will protect our memories & moments for a lifetime. Got your back till death do us part, forever in my heart. No matter what ways we go, you’ll always be home. The fun we have shared, will never be impaired. I promise to listen not judge, always console, consider & comfort you. Be there for whatever asshole has inflicted your morale. You’re hardworking & kind, inevitably on my mind. You are the brightest light in my life, the person who gets me to work, supports whatever I say or do, nonsense or not. Our laughter we share is my favourite song, which I wish I could prolong. You are my arm, my leg and my hand. I love you Entirely, you complete the person I am & without you, I wouldn’t be me. We wouldn’t be us.

Moon, Shane. You are never a pain. Always a pleasure. A new friend, yet you feel like an old. You’re living your best life, continuing to grow evolve and not dissolve into your surroundings and negative influences. You are a warrior and Viking butchering through life and getting on with it. You’re like the wind, winding down on your opportunities and taking everything as it comes. I want your dreams to come true and wishes to be granted. I’m forever a fan, you’re like batman; biking around not giving a damn. Always here and there for you, where-ever I am.

I love you both, round the moon & back.

Pags x

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