Cuba, the friendliest place on earth.

People of Cuba are like sunshine, smiles and holla’s. Every person I’ve met on my trip so far has already brought some spirit to my life and soul.

These local cubans have very little, some even getting just $70 CUC a month. Their living conditions are very basic, dangerously decaying colourful homes, no windows walls or furniture in some and many. Havana has truly touched me how humble, kind, polite, helpful and respectful people are in these so called dangerous deadly streets. I heard from people “Be safe, very rough out there” “Good luck”. I was preparing for the worst and have seen the poverty induced by the government but what remains within the Cuban’s is their giving nature and strong community.

Currently staying on a street called Escobar in a Hostel right in the middle of the local hustle and bustle, we could not stick out more. Two young White girls. Getting a lot of blank Stares, calls and have been called beautiful many times. No one has tried to steal my bag or take advantage of me.

A lady helped me find the bank, then took us to her friends home to buy cigars. She’s a tour guide and a supporter of herself and her friend, they need the money and this is how they have to do it. Not many jobs but they make these opportunities for their self. We have chosen to find the local establishments rather than the fancy restaurants and hotels, where they ask for CUP, cheaper for us and money for those in need. Language barrier yes, but the old gentle man we met who gave us some sugary flan and a shot of coffee, he’s the reason to downgrade on your standards and put back into the community that needs it.

There’s imperfections everywhere and in Cuba they stick out but the pureness of life here, while the people are barely scraping by with what they have Is so inspiring to me and I genuinely love and care for everyone of the people I have met here. They won’t be forgotten, and I’m sure they won’t forget me.

Soon I travel to Cienfuegos, let’s see what that brings..

Pictures to be uploaded once I have better WiFi.

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