A fool only believes a promise


All the things I’ve heard about Jamaica are to be honest, bullshit!

It’s not safe here, there, tourists are the targets, blah blah blah. I haven’t experienced any harm or felt in any danger of any sort in Kingston or in the Blue Mountains as of yet. Many more parts of the country to see but from what I’ve seen right now, this is just like England with a little less diversity and freedom.

Beautiful scenes, beaches, blue mountains and bustling towns full of vibrance and not much violence. Chilled out rastas cooking you up some pastas.

Don’t believe everything you read, not many people bleed.

Struggling, hustling & bustling.

Lost in back time

Cuba’s WiFii connections have left me out of a lot of posting on here, them having only a few WiFi parks where all the tourists and locals gather to use one connection all at once never did work great for me.

I will post everything in a random thought order, I’m a organised soul with a messy heart. I like things to be as free, beautiful, Honest and full of glee, that’s how my blog shall be.