Society & Trends impact on humanity:

We have so many image expectations these days from society, magazines, models, clothes websites, always comparing ourselves to those around us and in the tabloids. It’s tough for us all, men and women. In today’s world, all ages are burdened with thinking they should be a certain way. Wear a certain type of clothes, do your make up a certain way, have the latest trends and live their life the way everyone else does to be “normal”. Regardless what it is, we all follow something, every trend has come back from years ago – Leggins, Turtle necks, hats etc.. No ones fashion is unique but we are self are. Different thoughts, looks and lifestyles but all humans.

Men have the pressure of being tall, muscular and “ripped”, what type of trainers they have, latest brands, if their a LAD or a “Fuck boy”. Thinking they can’t be soft or insecure, can’t cry, having to have this tough exterior on all the time. I admit I don’t know as much about how guys see them self or what thoughts they have on society & self image but what i do know is many of them get depressed, bullied and some even feel forced into suicide because they don’t look a certain way or talk like a road man like everyone else and what to do good at school or be respectful to girls which in Mans land just isn’t “cool” but who is to say what is cool or not, who are we to judge other people on being them and living their life the way they want to.


Being a women myself, I know how hard it is to be happy with your looks as a young girl, you often see these women on the covers of magazines, TV Adverts, other girls around at school or in the streets – affecting how you see yourself, comparing yourself to everyone you aspire to be like as they are popular, have the pretty long perfect hair, skinny figure, fake breasts – Small waists and flawless complications. Never feeling good enough in yourself. Crying as you look in the mirror, seeing your spotty teenage skin, chubby muffin top, short worn out hair – Thinking you aren’t good enough, not happy with what you are and what you see as it’s not “Perfect”.


These men & women in the pictures you see, on Instagram in the papers – On the magazines. They aren’t perfect either. No one is, we all have flaws & things we aren’t happy with. You could be the best looking person, with nothing to you what so ever mentally & emotionally bland. You could have the best body, with a crooked smile. You could have the biggest whitest smile but a broken heart with nothing to smile about. Everyone has something that makes them imperfect regardless of how perfect they look to you. What you’re not aware of these “Perfect” people are actually looking at you thinking they would love to be more like you. We all have our ways, our vibes and energies that someone else inspires to have.


What ever you have you need to appreciate and value – Forget about the things you don’t have a focus on all the things you do, always work on yourself and improve yourself, accept the things you hate and try your hardest to make these better. Not by getting a tummy tuck but going to the gym. Not by a nose job, but by getting a side fringe. Don’t spend all of your money for food and living on the newest trendiest handbag but go to a charity shop and get good brands for hardly anything.There is always a way to evolve and adapt yourself without being too extreme and loosing yourself completely.




You are beautiful just the way you are, your imperfections make you the individual you are. Don’t let society change your true self. Look back to your childhood and realize what made YOU then and that’s what should be within still somewhere, reach in and find you spirit – Embrace everything you are & forget about what anyone else is.

Questioning why you’re not worth someones time?


Do you know what I hate? The fact we think we need a man or a women or a loved one in our life to feel complete.Why is it, are we not good enough or happy enough with our own goals mind and motivations. That we feel we need this love from other human being, their appreciation and acceptance.



I am realizing more and more that women especially need someone to feel at ease & satisfied with their self. My friends, my family, me especially. Some are lonely, some failed marriages & some with several troubled “relationships”.


What is a relationship really? A marriage, a baby? Does a ring really mean anything anymore? 85% of marriages end in tears, broken homes and heartbreak. The children left to pay the consequence in their grades or behavior.N2601b-1.gif

What is it about another person loving you which is so liberating, why can’t we find that love within our self. I don’t know about you but the only person who has really truly been there for me is ME. So why do I crave the love of another? Long for it. Force it – I know this feeling of love and mutual respect should come naturally. Or do I know? Are we just brain washed with fairy tales, like Cinderella and beauty & the beast.

Some people spend all their life looking for the spark, true – real love.

What is real love? Where do we find it within us? We as women have so much love to give but I am starting to think we can’t possibly be loved if we don’t love our-self.

Women are constantly being disheartened by men who can’t see their potential. But what we need to understand is, if they can’t see it they simply aren’t worthy of having it. Asking yourself “Why aren’t I good enough?”. You are, they aren’t. If it’s not worked – It’s not meant to be. You don’t force yourself into feeling something for that person who would do anything for you, so why should they do that for you. Sit back and look at yourself before reacting if a way you could regret.

Look in the mirror and admire everything or it least something about yourself. You are good enough. Everyone has they’re own light, their own unique love to give & only the right one will be able to generally receive that love.

Love, when you don’t love yourself..

Their is always hope that “The one” is out there, but how do we know? What is fake, what is real. Time will only tell but then will it be time wasted or created?