Nijmegen – Netherlands

Beauty surrounds the whole the Netherlands, whether it be more in the rural parts like Nijmegen or the hectic city of Amsterdam. Stunning buildings, narrow stair cases, Canals & of course coffee shops and bars are the main reasons 1000 tourists visit Amsterdam each year. The free spirit and culture of Amsterdam is seen throughout every part of the Netherlands.

This particular trip in Nijmegen showed the more peaceful side of Amsterdam – hardly any tourists, no drunk English brits queuing up outside red windows, no drunk stags and hens trying to find their next bar or Beer & bicycle. Lovely country scenery, light houses, lakes and local more classy bars and pubs. Pretty lights throughout town, being just after the Christmas period in January – Trees, decorations all over. Low sun sets and rises, cold fresh unpolluted air through your lungs, fields of pony’s and yes still coffee shops! They are much cheaper in fact, than those like Bulldog right along the busy canal strip.





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